About us

About Us

Glocal Academy UK was established in 2013 with a vision to provide high quality evidence based courses in Essential soft skills for health care professionals.Our collaborative partners are GVK EMRI India.

Together we successfully delivered courses at GSL Medical College,Rajahmundry,GVK EMRI campus Hyderabad and

NarayananMedical College, Nellore.

Each course is for 2 full days and trains 40 participants per course.The course is aimed at doctors and allied healthcare professionals.Course was delivered using techniques such as lectures (20%), small group activity filled sessions (70%) and

one to one role paly with constructive feedback.

Technology enhanced learning and techniques using professional (Simulated) patients are available to participants as learning

Topics covered in the sessions are: Global perspective of challenges Indian health care system faces, Adult learning styles and its importance, leadership, conflict resolution, team working, communicating difficult news to patients and relatives, reflective practice, constructive feedback, presentation skills, time management, effective communication scenarios and role play of various clinical scenarios.

Why is Glocal Academy a smart choice ?

The Essential Soft Skills for Health Care Professionals is the first course in India delivering the need of the hour
         communication skills.

The course is accredited by Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Medical Councils with 4 credit hours.

The course focuses on democratic, collaborative and participative forms of learning.

This course is designed and delivered by faculty who are expert trainers from United Kingdom and India.

Dr Krishnakanth
Director & Co-Founder

He works as a General Practitioner (GP) in a busy general practice in the southeast region of England. He has been a Member of Royal College of General Practitioners since 2011.

Dr Srikanth Mada
Director & Co-Founder

He is the Clinical lead & Consultant Endocrinologist at University hospital of North Durham (CDDFT). He has special interest in transitional medicine, renal diabetes and diabetic foot disease. 

Dr G.V. Ramana Rao

Dr Ramana Rao is Director of Emergency Medicine Learning Center and Research at “108” GVK Emergency Management Research Institute, Hyderabad, India.

Dr Usha Saie
MBBS, MD in Hospital

Dr. Usha Saie has an experience of above 14 years in Health Care Administration.. She has been working in EMLC Department of GVK EMRI since 2 years.

Dr John L Anderson
MA Principal Lecturer

His main teaching responsibilities and interests are in Research Methods.He is the Module Leader for the MDM10 Research Methods .

Dr Shashikanth Naineni

He works as a specialist for 104 services and MMU services in GVK Emergency Management and Research Institute since 2 years.

Dr.V Guy Bidwell

He works as a General Practitioner (GP) in a busy general practice in the southeast region of England. He has been a Member of Royal College of General Practitioners and faculty at The Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

Dr Madhu Valluri
MBBS, & Tutor

He works as a Managing General Practitioner in the North West of England. He is an experienced General Practice Trainer, mentoring and assessing doctors in the final year of their postgraduate training.

Dr M Veerasamy
MD. (Consultant Cardiologist)

He is a practicing cardiologist with special interest in interventional cardiology.Coming from Indian background he knows the challenges health care professionals are facing in India .