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Today,  let me tell you about something very interesting. Nothing new. It is a normal procedure we follow.

So, let’s start.

OOH!  wait wait I am sure,I am forgetting something,right! Ah! Yes!

I forgot to introduce myself.For a brief moment of time you might have wondered  who is she? What she is going to talk about?

Well, Let me introduce first.  Hello or Namaste, My name is Riga Rai.

I am going to talk about Importance of Introduction.

Introduction is very important in clinical practice to develop and sustain a rapport. Why I wonder, we don’t do it often?

I mean when I didn’t introduce myself at the beginning or mentioned the topic I am going to speak about, you might have had felt that I was rude or you might be bit  confused.

May be the patients also feel the same,the same way you thought/felt.

Imagine, just imagine a hypothetical scenario- you met with an accident and  injured, went to casualty and waiting for your turn.Then the doctor calls your name, you go inside and without introducing the Doctor jumps straight into the questions relating to the injury, and then start examining.This whole time you might be thinking, how rude he is, Is he the specialist? For him what mattered is your injury, not you. You are like nobody for him. I am sure at some point of time you might have experienced or witnessed such scenario. Do you think this will build a rapport and trusting relation?

Now imagine the same scenario, but this time the doctor introduces himself and his role.Then he starts asking you questions relating to the injury.  

My name is Riga Rai,I am a junior doctor.

It only takes 5 seconds but 5 seconds are worth investing. Don’t you feel an instant connection? Will you now not feel safe, won’t you be more willing to answer the questions comfortably and clearly?

That is why introduction is important. This small act of kindness help build and sustain strong humane connections. It just take 5 seconds.It’s a small investment but has potential for huge return. I am consciously introducing myself every time. I encourage you all to do the same.

Make it your habit and it is a habit worth having.

Let’s change the culture by constantly and consciously introducing ourselves every-time. It’s mine,  your and everyone responsibility. Let's walk the talk and bring the change and be the role models for other medical students.

Hello,My name is Riga Rai, a junior doctor. Thank you for listening!

Author Riga Rai

First year medical student

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