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What a doctor knows and how a doctor makes humane connections with patients, families and colleagues are essential for delivering best patient care. Clinical communications skills are essential for establishing humane connections with patients, families and colleagues.

Traditionally, some medical curricula focused on factual knowledge and technical skills (clinical skills) components, marginalising clinical communication skills component. Doctors working in the 21st century healthcare are expected to be competent in clinical communication skills.

However, at present, there are very few institutes offering structured clinical communication skills training to undergraduate students. It is our considered view that clinicians are keen to hone in effective communication skills, but there is dearth of readily available structured training programmes.

To address this issue, we have established Glocal Academy in 2015. Our mission to empower healthcare professionals to become effective communicators.

Since its inception, Glocal Academy has been offering high quality evidence-based customised programmes in clinical communication skills for health care professionals of all disciplines worldwide.

We cannot predict the future, but the academy with its expert faculty will prepare you for it by equipping you with the requisite skills. Medical fraternity across the globe are facing challenges and to address these unprecedented challenges we need doctors who are Resilient, Emotionally Intelligent, Adaptable and Listening Intelligent.
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  • Awaken the inquisitiveness to be self-aware (increases awareness of one’s own communication skills).
  • Equip one to respond effectively to difficult communication situations.
  • Empower one to be listening intelligent.
  • Strengthen one’s own emotional intelligent skills.
  • Deepen your understanding of an highly effective team, by working together constructively and efficiently.
  • Enhances your teamwork and management skills.
  • Provide you with requisite skill-set for effectively leading healthcare teams.
  • Strengthen your communication skills and equips you with stronger negotiating skills.
  • Provide strategies and techniques, necessary to prevent conflict escalation and manage conflict situations calmly and fairly to obtain best possible resolution.
  • Enhance your assertiveness skills.
  • Enhance your critical thinking skills.
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