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“I WILL” Campaign
A Campaign For Better Healthcare Communication

A Campaign For Better Healthcare Communication

Facing the context of strained Doctor-Patient relationships, we need to act immediately to rebuild trusting relationships with Patients. For rebuilding trusting relationships with patients, effective clinical communication skills are essential.

Ergo, we have launched “I WILL” Campaign.

It’s a campaign.

It’s a “Campaign” to enhance healthcare communication.

How does this translate into clinical practice?

With an INTENTION to pay attention, a Doctor WELCOMES the patient and INTRODUCES to establish a rapport. The Doctor will then LISTEN to understand the patient’s ailments and use simple and clear LANGUAGE (avoiding medical jargon) when giving information to the patient.

Imagine a time where there is (once again) an immense trust between Doctors and Patients.

Well, the “I WILL” campaign has the potential to turn that imagination into a reality.

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