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Importance of Clear Introduction in Clinical Practice

Importance of Clear Introduction in Clinical Practice

We have started “I WILL” campaign (see figure below) for a better healthcare communication.

“I WILL” is an acronym that stands for I: Intention, W: Welcome, I: Introduction, L: Listen, L: Language.

In the previous columns, I wrote about the campaign and its principles and expand on the first two principles (“Intention to pay attention,” “Welcome.”)

In this column I will expand on the third principle— “Introduction.”

Clear introduction is essential for establishing rapport with patients and families. I cannot
emphasise enough how important introduction is in healthcare. Common sense and thousands of years of our tradition tells that it is not only customary but also respectful to introduce and greet the other person when we first meet; in clinical practice, however, this behaviour is not consistent.

Why, I wonder? Whatever may be the reason(s), I am sure you agree with me that the current practice, of not introducing properly, cannot continue. As we are all serious and committed to improve relationships with patients, families and public–we must follow our traditional wisdom and start introducing clearly, whenever we consult with patients and families.

This small investment will yield you huge returns.

This simple act of kindness at the start of consultation shows that you care.

Yes, time and workload are the biggest challenges. It is likely that these challenges are here to stay.

I think we should be creative in the ways we can introduce to the patients. You may want to have a look at Glocal Academy Instagram page (@glocalacademyuk) where students are creating and posting innovative name badges as a means to enhance their introduction to patients.

As we are serious about enhancing healthcare communication, we need to practice introducing to patients.

Did you know that you could introduce effectively in just 5 seconds. That 5 seconds are the best investment a healthcare professional can make. Be part of “I WILL” campaign. Always Introduce.

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