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We have started “I WILL” campaign (see figure below) for a better healthcare communication.

“I WILL” is an acronym for I will be present with an Intention to pay attention; I will Welcome patients to share their stories by giving them time and encouraging them to talk; I will always Introduce by stating my name, role and purpose; I will Listen to understand rather than to reply; I will speak in a clear and simple Language.

 In the last month’s column, I wrote about the campaign and its principles. In the last column I have expanded on the first principle— “Intention to pay attention.”

In this column I will expand on the second principle— “Welcome.” Being present with a welcoming attitude helps you (healthcare professionals) to establish and maintain humane connections with patients and families.So, what do I mean by “Welcome?” Dictionary definition of Welcome is “accept gladly,” “receive.” In medical consultation it takes the following forms:

  1. Welcome the patient irrespective of their race, culture, socio-economic status, education etc.

  2. Welcome the patient to share their story by giving them time and encouraging them to talk.

  3. Welcome not only patient’s story but the feelings that accompany the story.

  4. Welcome patient’s views and opinions even when they differ from yours.

  5. Welcome the patient into decision-making process.

I, therefore, request you to adopt the welcoming attitude when consulting with patients and their families.

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