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Intention to pay Attention

Intention to pay Attention

In the last column, I wrote about “I WILL” campaign and its purpose. To recap, “I WILL” is a campaign for a better healthcare communication. 

“I WILL” is an acronym for I will be present with an Intention to pay attention; I will Welcome patients to share their stories by giving them time and encouraging them to talk; I will always Introduce by stating my name, role and purpose; I will Listen to understand rather than to reply; I will speak in a clear and simple Language.

In this column, I will expand on the first principle— “Intention to pay attention.”

The attitude of intention to pay attention enables you to put aside everything that is happening in your mind and focus on the patient’s narrative. It shows to the patient that you care, you are there for them, you are curious, and you want to listen. 

When you are present with an intention to pay attention, the patient feels safe and secure and want to share their true story with you. This will not only build rapport but also establishes humane connection with the patient. 

Apply this principle of Intention to pay attention in clinical practice and reap the benefits. 

Practise; Practise; Practise.

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