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Medical Consultation

Medical Consultation

Medical Consultation is the bedrock of clinical practice. There is more to it than what meets the eye. Medical Consultation comprises of Scientific and Humane dimensions.

Scientific dimension of the Medical Consultation is where Patient describes symptoms and then Doctor explores the problem, then examines the patient, then offers a diagnosis, and finally suggest a course of treatment.

Scientific dimension encompasses knowledge and technical skills expertise. Medical training places lot of emphasis on this dimension. While sound knowledge and technical skills expertise are important, the curriculum should balance both dimensions.

Humane dimension of the Medical Consultation is where:

  • Patients feel welcomed.

  • Doctor listens attentively to patients.

  • Trustworthy relationships are established and maintained.

  • The patients feel safe and secure to narrate their problem.

  • Patients do not feel judged.

  • Doctor shows compassion and respect.

Both dimensions are need to conduct accurate, effective and efficient medical consultations.


What clinical communication skills help you bring Humane dimension into practice?

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