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"I WILL” Spell

With great expectations

In his mind,

He walks through my door.

However, I turn him away – 

“I don’t see your kind.

Please go to room number four.”

The next one comes,

With the same hopes;

Comes in and sits next to me.

“What happened?” I ask,

As I stare at my notes

“I have a pain in my knee.”

He goes on about it,

However, I cut him short – 

“Please just tell me the gist”

I do not have much time,

Have a busy slot.

Go seek a rheumatologist."

The next one came

And she passed all the tests,

Which the others could not do.

I gave her the medicines,

Ordered some tests.

However, she did not have a clue

She was feeling shy

Or perhaps she reckoned

That she must be so dense

All the phrases and terms;

The medical jargon.

To her, it made no sense.

I fell ill one day

'cause I ate some jelly

that was well over date

Therefore, I went to a doctor

He listened, talked and examined my belly

Oh, how well did he communicate!

So nice I felt,

Thus, I asked

"How do you do it so well?"

He smiled and said

"It's no Herculean task

Just remember this magic spell."

The patient would not ask

For an entire day

They just want your attention.

In addition, that you listen

To what they have to say

Without interception.

In addition, welcome them

With a smile on your face

Whoever they may be!

Irrespective of their

Sex, colour or race;

Common person or a VIP.

Always start

By introducing

To every patient that you see;

And explain to them


In a language as clear, as can be..

-Ishaan Wazir

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