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Social media

Social media

Why writing comments on social media platforms is important? 

-Abhilasha Tyagi


Social media is an indispensable part of life in today's technetronic age. Although many of us use it as a platform to stay connected with our family and friends, it has evolved into a powerful medium for sharing social, political and educational matters in an unprecedented fashion. Social media platforms, when used appropriately, become a fertile ground for expressing independent thought, promoting healthy discourses, having a dialogue about conflicting opinions and raising awareness. It is dynamic, modern and has a reach wider than anything in history. When we write on social media, we become a part of this global ongoing movement and establish connections with a wider audience. Our Instagram page is a safe space for each one of you to express yourself freely.


We, at Glocal Academy, have chosen to create a comfortable private page wherein we interact with each other with no inhibitions and have fruitful conversations. It is a page where everyone understands and helps each other. It’s growth, it's support, it's sharing of knowledge, it's beautiful. So, please, do not stay silent. type away, connect and be heard because the world needs your unique perspective and originality now more than ever.




Abhilasha Tyagi

MBBS 3rd year 

MLB Medical College, India

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