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The Triple AAA

What comes to your mind when I say triple A?

I know what you're thinking, but no. We won't talk about batteries here.

Then, what is this Triple A I'm talking about?

The answer is the 3 A's: Awareness, Appraise, Action.

What is so special about this strategy?  The fact that you can apply it to almost everything or the fact that there is a strategy we can learn.

To help you understand, let's take the most common example for doctors, a setting of the doctor-patient consultation.

Close your eyes and imagine.

You're in the consultation room and a patient walks in. You have already started observing him carefully, noticing his physical attributes, his demeanor, the way he walks and talks, taking mental notes all along. This is called AWARENESS. The first A.

Next, you introduce yourself and ask questions about the chief complaints, learning more about the patient's situation and background, on the way to establishing a diagnosis. This is called APPRAISE. The second A.

Finally, you plan the appropriate treatment & management of the disease, informing & involving him in decision-making at the same time, arranging follow up. This is the ACTION. The third A.

Easy, right?

Now, let's see this from another perspective.

Imagine yourself as the patient now. You are aware something's going wrong with you, so you take a short check & appraise yourself, what's happening, the small changes, getting better or worse, and proceed with the action, simply resting, or visiting the doc.

As simple as that.

Yes, it worked perfectly for medical stuff; let us check whether we can apply it in our personal spheres of life.

From planning trips to stepping out for groceries, from doing your homework to teaching something, from cooking food to eating in restaurants, the strategy applies to everything, & I mean EVERYTHING. Name any task and it's done.

 Convinced yet? By now I hope you all feel how generalized & relatable TRIPLE A is.

But there's a super-objective to the strategy. It's the challenge to learn and apply it on ourselves.

 Want to learn about you? Want to communicate better? This is where triple A comes in.

Learning about oneself begins with self-knowledge. So, what is self-knowledge?

It is the ability to be aware of one's total psychological construction, apprise how it came into being, and have the courage to make necessary actions for transformation.

Start with Awareness of the self: about the way you think, feel and act, the way you process things, interpret & perceive. Think about what your core beliefs are, your values, and your opinions. Also, about how you conduct in your relationships with others.

Then, appraise yourself, identify about how and why this 'I' has come into being.

Once we understand our functioning, we can follow the third and the last step, Action, the steps we need to take to improve.

Awareness and appraisal will give us the required knowledge of our grey areas, the courage to point out what needs changing, for the transformation of self from within.

They say if you want to see the change, be the change. A clichéd statement, but never untrue, because when the transformation happens from within, the change is bound to take over in a greater magnitude. That's why, self-knowledge becomes the keystone in sparking the real revolution in medical practice.

Like it is said, before reading other books, we should first read our own book, so that when you are becoming a greater somebody, you know who this person is you're changing into and you can think whether or not you like this person.

If you do not, well, you know what to do.

The only concept here is to basically incorporate the strategy in our thoughts, keep applying it and repeating it, to the point where our subconscious adapts it as its own and Voila! You'll master it before you know it!

So, folks, embrace the triple AAA.






Written by: Sushmita Choudhary

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