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Be The Light Into Yourself

Be The Light Into Yourself

In the millennial era many educational organisations are embracing social media platforms for educational purposes and to stay connected with their membership. Glocal Academy is using Instagram for the same purpose. This page is a safe sharing space for all the students who are interested in enhancing their clinical communication skills. The students are requested to write instead of just liking the post. The intention is to learn from each other by sharing the insights and enhance writing skills. In this page we have themed activities like Monday Motivational Message, Wednesday Welcome Writings, Friday Fun Fest etc. In our Friday Fun Fest, we discuss a selected topic in the comments section; one such topic was “What does be light into yourself means”. 

A general theme that came out of the comments was-- Be light into yourself is recognizing the positive flame inside us and acting on it. This flame generates creativity, encourages us to perceive things clearly, believe in ourselves and accept flaws as we acknowledge them. 

 The students have also used various metaphors to describe the phrase "Be light into yourself." Here is selection of them:

  1. Atambal, a weapon to commit, submit and perceive great things for your cause so you can launch a new version of yourself time after time.

  2. A sparkle to enlighten what is around us, a light that helps us to see what is missing in our self-book and update it.

  3. A beacon of hope and belief to find positivity and happiness even in the darkest of times.

  4. An updated self-book is like a map to future and we should always have the latest version.

  5. A light spreading positivity not only to you but people around you too.

  6. A story (about we) waiting to be made interesting just by using simple tools of communication & self-development.

  7. A shine within us that enlightens others and encourage them to grow

  8. A directing force that keeps you on the right track.

It is so interesting to note that medical students (who responded) have approached the subject through philosophical lens. It is encouraging to note that they all acknowledged that being light into yourself is important to be a better Doctor. A few also commented that it will help to establish and maintain trusting relationships with patients. Almost all have described it as a self-development phenomenon.

By taking a deep dive into the comments, it has become clear that all individuals are their own authors of their self-book and how everyone can update themselves by being a light into themselves. In addition, they described it as an essential ingredient to bring in a change and become a better version of oneself.  Furthermore, by being light into oneself, we stop depending on others.  A student wrote that the phrase in discussion reminded her of the last words of Lord Buddha -- "nobody can do anything, be light unto yourself. When you light the path for someone else it will brighten your path too."  For instance, when you listen attentively to your patients you are establishing humane connections and make them feel safe. This will in turn bring joy and satisfaction to you. So, by listening attentively you are not only lightening the path for patients but also brightening your path too.  This is further emphasized in another comment in which a student describes this light in oneself as the flame of being a good listener which will spread the importance of listening in clinical practice. 


All these comments shine light into the fact that we can bring in the change by practicing effective listening. As we practice more with utmost efficiency the light in oneself brightens and becomes like a light tower for all the doctors and colleagues. So, they can learn and follow this path to be a better listener.


 I would like to end by sharing my Insights:  I have learned that, as humans we all have that light in us. We must first recognize it. As we recognize it we learn that it is the basis for the change. It will not only direct you but also will be the driving force for the change. This flame is the editor of our self-book that will help you revise it.


Khushi Agroya

3rd Year MBBS

Mahatma Gandhi Institute Of Medical Sciences

Sewagram, India.

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