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My favorite quotes

My favorite quotes

My favorite quotes by Hippocrates are:

1.       “It is more important to know the person who has the disease than the disease the person has.”


The first quote emphasizes how important it is to know the person first and establish a strong physician-patient relationship. Only when a physician-patient relation flourishes only then shall the patient restore his health.

The second quote draws our attention to be the support system in the patient’s distress. A listening ear and a supporting hand are all the patients expect standing in a long queue, eagerly waiting to meet the doctor. It clearly states how important it is to comfort and console the patient first and then treat if and only required. I shall practice this not only with my patients but also with everyone who comes to me. I feel that we are losing this art, and it is high time we make an initiative to preserve them like any other endangered species and I cannot agree more with Dr.Krishna Naineni on this. He is being an anchor to hold them back. I would like to highlight a few points I learned in the Clinical Communication skills course.

Listening is the heart and art of medicine. How much ever you know, Patients know the best about what is wrong with them. An intelligent patient says his diagnosis; you just have to be smart enough to grab it. Listening is a doctor's invisible jewelry with a visible impact. Therefore, it is important to shower kindness and care when they come to us. I would like to uphold them.Caring is the highest virtue of humanity. It is the most basic as well as an important component, which makes us human beings. Caring is PRICELESS (both ways).Whatever I might be going through, I will keep everything aside whenever a patient walks into me. I would be all theirs.I shall respect them with the utmost dignity.


Gillela Saitejaswi,

4th year MBBS,

Kakatiya Medical College, Warangal, India

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