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Topic outline

  •  Attention: Please read the material carefully as it will help you participate in the discussion during the session.

    We use Flipped Classroom Approach.

    What is it? In short, in traditional learning participants acquire knowledge in the course and are then sent away to synthesize, analyse and evaluate the learnings.


    In the flipped classroom participants acquire knowledge before the course and course time be used to practice and apply the concepts through interactive activities.


    To deepen the learning, after the course participants will be requested to reflect upon the learnings and complete post course assignment. This will help participants to absorb, understand and remember the subject matter better.

    By completing this introductory, you will
    1. Why is clinical communication important?
    2. Bust the myths about clinical communication?
    3. Gain insights into listening?
    4. Learn about a concept called Listenability

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  • Chapter 3

    Listening quiz

    Take the quiz and gain deeper insights into listening.

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